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Lights. Camera. Peech.


Transforming Video Management, Editing, and Repurposing

Peech’s self-serve platform automates video management, editing, and repurposing,
allowing you to create high-quality content at scale, cut costs, and increase engagement effortlessly.

Try Peech. No credit card required.

Peech AI Empowers Media Companies with a Tailored Solution

  • Conveniently organize and categorize large volumes of video footage in no time.

  • Maintain brand consistency by automatically integrating branding elements into your content.

  • Reach global audiences with real-time transcription and translation in over 20 languages.

  • Effortlessly edit videos with our text-to-video editor - no advanced editing skills required.

  • Automatically adjust videos to various aspect ratios for optimized design across platforms.

  • Generate short-form video content for social media, boosting engagement and brand visibility.

Every Video Counts. Again. And Again.

​Content Analysis

Video Post-Production with Smart Content Analysis

  • Reduce the time and effort required to organize large volumes of video content.

  • Accurately tag and categorize your video materials for future repurposing tasks.

  • Get recommendations for topic-based highlight videos from your raw footage.

  • Utilize facial recognition to identify the relevant speakers in your videos.

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Why Teams Choose Peech?
Scalable Video Output, No Compromises on Quality.


Time Savings

Cut 95% off your video post-production time — from days to seconds — compared to hiring external agencies or relying on internal efforts.


Cost Savings

Reduce video design and editing  costs by over 80%, compared to hiring experts like video editors, graphic designers and motion graphic experts.



Automatically create dozens of videos per month by calibrating Peech with your video creation needs and goals, and receive a daily supply of videos.

Trusted by Unstoppable Companies Like:

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Create Videos Faster Than Ever Before


With an unprecedented surge in the demand for video content across various platforms, Peech AI offers an automated video content creation solution that not only saves time and resources, but ensures a consistently high-quality output.


Strike the perfect balance of automation and human control to maintain brand consistency and deliver engaging content.

Automated Video
Content Creation
for Today's Demand


Cut Costs, Not Quality

Say goodbye to budget constraints and skyrocketing post-production costs. Peech AI's state-of-the-art automation significantly reduces dependency on human experts, making it a cost-effective solution for media companies.


Save up to 80% of your budget, allowing you to allocate resources strategically and invest in other crucial aspects of your operations.

Turbocharged Productivity

Experience a paradigm shift in your approach to post-production with Peech AI.


Our automation capabilities drastically reduce post-production time by up to 95%, allowing your media company to significantly boost overall productivity. Gain a competitive edge in the market by delivering more marketing videos and meeting the soaring demand for content head-on.


Scalability and Efficiency Unleashed

Leveraging Peech AI's core technology and advanced AI capabilities, media production companies can optimize and improve their content creation processes. Manage extensive volumes of raw footage, identify key messages, and generate new videos in seconds. Achieve unparalleled scalability while maintaining uncompromised quality.

Content Repurposing
for Maximized ROI

Extend the lifespan of your content and maximize ROI by quickly and smoothly repurposing existing videos for different platforms. Peech AI empowers you to re-edit footage, create new versions, add graphics and effects, and optimize content for various channels, ensuring optimal performance across different formats and resolutions.


Adaptable to Multilingual Content Distribution

In a globalized media landscape, Peech AI facilitates your company in translating and localizing content, enabling you to reach diverse audiences on any platform.


Break down language barriers and extend your reach with ease by automatically incorporating subtitles into your videos, and editing as you see fit.

Streamlined Workflow for Diverse Content Types

Peech AI is your partner in streamlining workflows for various content types, from news reports and documentaries to interviews and advertisements.


Whether you’re promoting video testimonials or sharing user-generated content, effortlessly adapt to the diverse nature of your content creation, ensuring a seamless and effective post-production process.


While achieving 100% automation,
you will retain 100% human control

100% Automation

Peech generates a continuous supply of branded video clips from any video content, while outputting a completely automatic post-production process (in all aspect ratios, all languages, and all use cases) - all within minutes.


100% Human Control

Control every aspect of your video - edit the content as easily as a document and change visual elements such as position, size, and text with the click of a button.

50% of our customers publish the final video in less than 10 minutes.

Supercharge Your Post-Production Process with Peech

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