Marketing is about values.
The great marketers have already said it before us.

​"Even a great brand needs investment and caring if its going to retain its relevance and vitality... The way to do that, is not to talk about speeds and fees. It's not to talk about bits and mega-hertz. It's not to talk about why we are better than windows.

Our customers want to know who is Apple and what is it that
we stand for. Where do we fit in this world?..."

The History of Content Marketing

In 1895, John Deere started printing The Furrow, its quarterly magazine. Seen as the birth of brand publishing, the creation of The Furrow is largely a result of technological advances in both transportation and communication that started to reduce the gap between business and customer.


The Furrow strove to establish a connection between the brand and customer by sharing articles and agricultural tips in addition to advertisements for John Deere products. This genesis of content marketing became so popular that it had four million readers by 1912.

The Furrow started teaching businesses that selling product wasn’t always about selling product; it was about building brand loyalty and becoming a part of the consumer’s home.

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