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The 3 First Steps for Using Peech


In order to use Peech you should follow these 3 steps:
First, upload the footage you filmed. Usually, it will feature you or your presenter sitting in front of the camera, talking.
While the system analyses the verbal content of the video and does its magic, upload your logo. The system will automatically sample your brand colors, using them in different elements throughout your video.

Finally, please add the name of the video in the intro section. The system will use it for the main title in the video's intro. After these 3 steps, Peech will automatically create your video - include an intro, an outro, closed captions, graphic titles and more.

You can use it as is or tweak, remove or add different elements. 

Branding Section

After you insert your logo, Peech automatically imprints your logo in the top left corner of the video.


You can change the size, opacity and the position of the logo - just choose the new position here. Note that the system will automatically sample your brand colors from the logo, using them in different elements throughout your video.


If you want to change one of the branding colors, just click on the little color box here and choose a new one. If your logo has a white background, Peech will automatically clean it. If you check this box, it will retrieve the original logo. 

Finally, you can choose your brand’s font. This will affect the graphic text elements wherever it may appear.

Intro Section

After you’ve inserted the video’s title, Peech will automatically create an intro for you. Note that it will use your brand’s colors, logo and a background image from Peech’s library. You can, however, change the different parameters on the intro section. You can change the text style, logo effect, title effect, background colors and image background. You can also upload your own background image and even your own animated intro. If you don’t want an intro at all, just disable the check icon. 

Outro Section

After you’ve inserted your logo, Peech will automatically create an outro for your video. You can always get into the outro section and change the different parameters. You can add a motivational text (for example: Follow us on Instagram), change the text style, logo effect, title effect, background colors and image background. You also can upload your own background image or your own animated outro. If you don’t want an outro at all, just disable the check icon. 

Speaker Graphic Title

Peech uses face recognition in order to study the faces of the speakers in your video. All you need to do is go to the Speakers section and write the speaker’s name and title. Peech will automatically create a speaker graphic title and will add it once the speaker will appear. 

Closed Captions

Peech will automatically transcribe the content from the original footage and turn it into closed captions that will imprint on your video.


Peech automatic transcription is optimized and applied after noise reduction, yet, we encourage you to review the resulting closed-captions to ensure the words reflect your meaning accurately. Peech helps you do it while marking the words it recommends to go over and check again, while a quick hover on them with your mouse, will offer you other word suggestions. You can change and edit the text in the closed captions section or in the video monitor. 

You can also download the SRT file from Peech if you want to add it manually to your video channel

Visual Elements

Peech chooses the most important words and sentences from your verbal content and adds visual elements as graphic titles, animated icons, images and footage in accordance. The graphic titles and icons will match your brand’s colors and will appear throughout the video.


You can edit the titles’ phrasing in the visual elements section or in the video monitor. You can also change the position of the elements by dragging it to the right place.  If you don’t want a specific element, you can easily delete it and it will no longer appear on the video. You can also add new visual elements by marking specific words, right-click them and choose the desirable visual element - a graphic title, an animated icon, an image or footage.

Credits Section

Peech uses different types of elements: images, footage and music. In this section you will see the credits that should be given to the creators. Peech automatically adds a black frame to these credits at the end of your video, but we recommend to also add it to your video description. 

Audio Section

Peech automatically adds background music to your video. If you want to change it, feel free to click on the music section and choose another track. If you don’t want music at all, just click on the none button.


In the Timeline, You can easily delete unnecessary scenes. If you want to choose a specific part from your footage, just click on the ‘trim’ icon and choose the relevant part. You can also duplicate the scene and choose another part in order to create a customized video. 

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