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Why was the Slack video included in the Peech’s Trend Wall?

To get inspiration and new ideas, and to discover how to use audio, video, and graphics to deliver the right message to your audience, Peech has a whole section of trend videos.


Here is one of our chosen videos for this month:

“Meetings | Maybe It's Time to Try Slack” by Slack

What makes this video so successful?

📜 Script - The short video emphasizes one of the biggest challenges that "Slack" solves for its users, but in a clever way - 30 seconds of describing the problem and an expression that conveys how difficult it is for the users.

🖼️ Frame - The pink background gives the video a clean, static appearance. A very calm atmosphere. This allows the audience to focus on the presenter and the script without being distracted by visual distractions.

🅱 Brand - Interesting choice here is that the only memory of the Slack brand is the watermark logo at the top left corner. Even the pink in the background isn't their brand color. As Slack consistently uses its brand colors in its videos, it is likely that the choice of the pink color indicates that the video describes the challenges, not the solution, so it’s not under their brand colors.

🎭 Acting - Despite the presenter's strong face and spurious manner, the script is funny and light-hearted. The contrast in the video makes it even funnier. Watch her scrolling eyes; she's really acting out the script. The presenter is standing almost motionless in the middle of the frame.

👚 Clothing - There is a lot of harmony and beauty in this frame. It is because even her clothing is in keeping with the revamped color palette.

🎵 Music - A funny script is always accentuated by jumping light music. With the music and the presenter's tone, all this serious static is turned into a comedy.


If you have any other thoughts on this video, or what you think makes it so good, please feel free to share them with us.

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