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Automate Your Video Testimonial
Production with Peech

Utilize the power of the Peech editing machine and the efficiency of an automated workflow to generate new video testimonials every week.

Build Trust with Real Testimonials

By leveraging video testimonials for lead generation,
businesses can effectively attract new customers and inspire them to make a purchase.


Increase in

click-through rates


more number of

leads generated


increase conversions by up to 80%


More shares on

social media

How does it work?

Step 1

Select the client whose

testimonial you would like to receive

Step 2

your customer will receive a request

email with instructions on

how to film the testimonial


Step 3

The final, branded, and ready-to-publish video

will wait for you in your Peech platform


Step 4

Create an unlimited number of video versions
to suit various social media channels

Group 824.png

Save Time

Automate your video production process and quickly create high-quality testimonial videos in just a few clicks.

Efficient Process

Effortlessly obtain professionally edited video testimonials from your customers with Peech's streamlined process

Revenue Generation

Expand your

lead generation efforts

by creating new testimonials for various digital channels

Generate New Content

Peech automates the process of selecting, combining, editing, and captioning
the most impactful moments from your testimonial to generate more content

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