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Commitment to edit our videos with Peech

As the CEO of Peech, I will start our video presence by posting verbal-content videos. I mean, we can't encourage you guys to increase your video presence, if we are not doing that ourselves.

I feel very strongly about the Peech platform. As a professional video editor for more than 10 years, I know exactly how much it can take to create one video. That's why we decided to automate the process for you, and help you enhance your verbal-content videos by making it more engaging, with things like visual elements, custom branding, music and subtitles within minutes.

So now, I want to make a commitment, a public one.

Each verbal-content video that I create will be edited with Peech. Only Peech. Without professional video editors, or outside platforms. As we grow, each of Peech's team members will also create verbal-content videos that will be edited with Peech - and this is a promise.

For my videos, I'll be covering the range of different topics from video design to the experience of being a female founder.


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