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Peech is the first generative AI video platform that is designed specifically for marketing teams to get the most of the content marketing efforts.

Popular features:

* Manage your content in a smart library
* Easily edit video content just like a doc
* Auto-generate subtitles with highlight keywords
* Calibrate the automatic editing to fit your brand
* Auto-generate visual elements to empower messages

* Inspiration, trends and benchmark in an explorer portal


Wait, it's pretty easy to use Peech.

Watch this video and start using Peech immediately:

Scalable Video Output, No Compromises on Quality.


Time Savings

Cut 95% off your video post-production time — from days to seconds — compared to hiring external agencies or relying on internal efforts.



Cost Savings

Reduce design and editing video costs by over 80%, compared to hiring experts like video editor, graphic designers and motion graphic experts.


X10 videos

Automatically create dozens of videos per month by calibrating Peech with your video creation needs and goals, and receive a daily supply of videos.

  • Can I use Peech for free?
    Yes, you can always use Peech's free version, which allows you to download videos with the Peech watermark logo on the top of them.
  • How can I remove the Peech watermark logo from my videos?
    To remove the Peech watermark logo, you can upgrade your plan to one of our paid plans. The pricing is based on the number of monthly videos you would like to publish with Peech. Learn more about our plans here.
  • How are subscription payments processed?
    Peech processes subscription payments automatically via Paddle, using the credit card information you provide and in accordance with your chosen billing cycle. Please note that we currently only accept payment methods supported by Paddle. If any suspicious payment activity is detected by either us or Paddle, due to potential fraud, we reserve the right to suspend your account and forfeit any existing credits.
  • Do you offer any unlimited plans?
    We do, and this is precisely the point we'd like to bring you to. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in obtaining an unlimited plan
  • I’m interested in setting up an Enterprise plan for my business. Where can I learn more?
    Learn more about our Enterprise plans through a discovery call with us. Schedule time here.
  • Will there be any discount for large-volume purchases?
    Sure! Feel free to contact us here, or send an email to
  • How do I cancel or downgrade my subscription?
    You can downgrade your subscription on the pricing page. To have your account deleted, simply email

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