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The top 3 visual elements to add to your video

Adding visual elements to your video will increase engagement with your audience. Everytime something pops up, they will stay on for a second longer.

90% of information that comes to your brain is visual. So think of your video as a presentation. It's you, presenting somthing in front of the camera. Presentations with visual aids are 43% more persuasive, meaning that your audience will pay much more attention to your videos with visual elements.

So here are the 3 visual element types you sould add to your videos:

1. The first one is graphic text. By adding graphic text to your video you can enphasize important parts of the content. It should include your branding colors, font, be short and clear and never cover your face.

2. The second one is text slides. By adding text slides to your video you can give the context to a certain subject or question. It sould be full frame because you want the viewer to focus only on that text.

3. The third one is images and footage. By adding visual elements like images or footage, you can visualize for your audience what you are talking about. Also, it will help you to break up the video from seeing your face. Carefully pick the content you want to emphasize with visual elements, because those are going to be the words that will be remembered.


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