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How Namogoo Revolutionized Their Video Creation Process with Peech

Using Peech video platform, Namogoo revolutionized their video creation process by enabling rapid production and liberating their design team from the exhaustive editing workload.

Namogoo specializes in eliminating disruptions along the customer journey and harnessing distinctive data insights on individual shoppers to facilitate the delivery of personalized digital experiences.

"Peech is like our video sidekick. With its smart subtitles and funky music choices, we're pumping out awesome videos in minutes, giving our design team a breather. It's basically our secret weapon for hassle-free video magic!"

Milena Farber | Senior Social Media Marketing Manager, Namogoo


Namogoo is Enhancing Their Video Production Efficiency with Peech

Company's Video Utilization

In today's fast-paced digital environment, video content plays an integral role in the communication and brand presence of our client.

Namogoo primarily engages with video for dynamic marketing campaigns, creative hiring initiatives, inspiring industry-related content, and high-impact announcements regarding employee achievements and partnerships. These varied applications highlight the importance of video as a tool not only for external outreach but also as a vector for internal culture-building.

Pre-Peech Video Editing Process

Before the integration of the Peech platform, the company's in-house design team was tasked with the video editing process. They relied on accessible editing software such as iMovie.

However, this method was time-consuming, pulling the design team away from their core responsibilities and slowing down content production.

Challenges and The Move to Peech

The catalyst for the platform adoption arose from a fundamental challenge: the disproportionate amount of time dedicated to video editing. The design team, being occupied with this task, faced a consistent bottleneck situation that crippled the speed and efficiency of video production.

It became apparent that a specialized solution was necessary for optimization, leading to the adoption of Peech.

Objectives and Anticipated Advantages

Upon implementing Peech, the company aimed to revolutionize their video creation process by enabling rapid production and liberating their design team from the exhaustive editing workload.

They anticipated several compelling advantages through Peech's adoption, such as a significant reduction in video turnaround time, an eased burden on the design team, and the convenience of a more intuitive and effortless video editing process.

Peech's Impactful Features

The integration of Peech brought about a transformational change in their video editing landscape.

The features that stand out include the AI-driven subtitles, which guarantee accurate and effortless captioning; the seamless addition of intros and outros, which enhance brand consistency; and an array of background music options that set the perfect tone for their videos.

These tools, provided by Peech, have been instrumental in revolutionizing the company's video production.


This enthusiastic endorsement echoes the sentiment within the company, where Peech has not only met but exceeded expectations in delivering timely, efficient, and high-quality video content—reinventing the company's approach to video production.

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