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How Peech Revolutionized Video Creation for Ireland's Largest University

Using Peech video platform, UCD revolutionized their video creation process by enabling rapid production and liberating their design team from the exhaustive editing workload.

"In my years of experience, I have often steered clear of the labyrinthine world of software applications. However, the undeniable efficacy of short-form video in communication cannot be ignored. This is where Peech steps in, wielding its wizardry. It crafts videos with such finesse and speed, one might think a troop of seasoned professionals was editing behind the scenes. Indeed, Peech has become not just a tool, but a cornerstone of our operation."

Suzanne Shorten | Summer Programs Liaison, University College Dublin

LinkedIn channel of UCD

Pre-Peech Video Editing Process

The university's media team faced significant challenges with their video production process. Utilizing multiple video editing applications to piece together promotional content was not only inefficient but required particular video editing expertise, especially to maintain the professional standard expected from the largest university in Ireland. This process was time-consuming, and the reliance on part-time video editing staff meant inconsistency in availability and output.

Challenges and The Move to Peech

The need for a nimble video production tool was evident as the university sought to enhance its video materials with quick turnaround times. Key challenges included embedding subtitles, incorporating the university's branding, and ensuring a professional finish to support the institution's prestigious reputation. These requirements proved overwhelming with the piecemeal approach previously employed.

Adoption of Peech

Driven by the demand for swiftly produced, high-quality promotional content, the university embraced Peech. Peech's intuitive platform provided the perfect blend of speed, ease of use, and professional output, transforming the university's video creation process into a smooth, accessible procedure no longer hindered by the bottlenecks of skill-dependent editing software.

Goals and Results

The university had high hopes for Peech to streamline their video production and Peech certainly delivered. The ability to quickly generate short-form videos that retained a polished and uniform brand aesthetic was an objective that Peech not only met but exceeded. The outcome: an impressive suite of promotional videos that resonated with the professionalism of the institution.

Key Features

Among the myriad of Peech's advantageous features, the one that stands out for the university is the brand visual library. This inherent feature ensures brand consistency across all video content, enabling a cohesive and recognizable visual identity for the institution's extensive promotional efforts.

In conclusion, with the implementation of Peech, Ireland's Largest University has successfully elevated its video marketing game. The Peech platform has provided an accessible, scalable, and high-quality solution to the university's previously complex and fragmented video production process, further solidifying its reputation as a leader in higher education.


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