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The Complete Guide to Creating the Right Marketing Strategy Using Talk-Videos in 2021

Traditional marketing has undergone quite a few changes in recent decades. In the past, the sale of a product or service was done through promotional products or aggressive advertising while all the marketing elements produced were meant to bring the customer the information and strengthen the sales process.

The digital space has changed the way customers consume information in general, and regarding businesses and services in particular. Digital marketing deals with attracting the customer to the information, while analyzing their needs, current behavior and predicting their future behavior and various values. Through the content channels in the digital space, we make sure to cultivate digital assets that will expose the relevant customer audience to a wealth of information that can give them true informative value - to give them confidence, interact and prove them to be the right business for them - in the moment of truth. In fact, the digital property can be perceived as a "branch" - which is a meeting point with customers at all sorts of stages of purchase. Distributing videos in the digital space is a strategic move that will allow us to achieve more effective marketing results.

#1 - Thought Leaders Videos

In the industry in which you operate, there are many other businesses that compete with you every day for your potential customers. In order to position you as experts and leaders, create videos that provide informative value that will allow potential customers to be exposed to your vast knowledge and strengthen your image as a leading and knowledgeable company in its field.

This produces several unparalleled values to customers:

Trust - The provider proves knowledge & proficiency even before the customer has spent money and paid for its service or product; and thus the resultant effect is trust producing & confidence building in the knowledge the customers have of the provider.

Commitment - From a psychological point of view, the more customers receive value without asking for compensation, the greater their sense of commitment to the company.

Exuded Aura effect - When customers get a positive impression and are favored by a particular business, this results in a broader positive perception of the brand.

#2 - Webinars and Recorded Live Sessions

This is a more advanced level of providing free value for your prospects. Here you are given the opportunity to deep-dive into various topics relevant to the field in which you operate, or to complementary fields; and even bring in additional professionals from other companies who will cover additional and complementary topics. The value here is twofold - you continue to provide free informative value that is valued by your customers, but you also immediately increase the customer base with every collaboration you make - because each guest (or company) will bring their customer base with them.

#3 - The Brand Story

Behind every successful company is a fascinating story - about the brand, the entrepreneurs, the approach and the perspective. Create a video in which you will tell your story to the world and by doing so you will be able to reach an audience of customers who will identify with your values and point of view. Write an authentic and true story, be yourself and spread your "why us" around - a good story will easily pass by word of mouth. The emotional component has a significant place in making the purchase - if the story is personal enough to touch emotion, but engages in universal experiences or challenges - it will immediately become relevant to a lot of people.

Further down the line, you can add extra depth and create videos that present the staff members, company employees and even the pets who come to the office every day without fail. Eventually you will create a clear picture of the type-case, atmosphere and DNA of the people who make up the business and the brand.

#4 - Product Value Videos

Remember the unique value proposition of your business? It's time to expose it. We are not talking here about an advantage in one of the product features, but of a unique offering by you, one that will be difficult for competitors, and even impossible to guarantee in the early stages. These videos will showcase the unique DNA of the product and present why you are unique and your perspective wins. Try to incorporate the "product promise" inside - the customer does not always understand what they are missing and what depth is behind the product - try to click on the right nerve so that they understand why they really need it, even before they know it themselves.

#5 - Questions - Answers

Let’s start with the good news: Opposition is a great sign. This indicates that the customer has an interest in making a purchase so we’ll just need to help them increase confidence. The more you manage to create trust and confidence among the customer in the early stages of the acquaintance, the more you can ensure a simple and fluid marketing procedure that will eventually lead to the closing of a deal. Right up front, create videos with recurring questions from your customers. This will enable you to maximize resources and not waste unnecessary time answering the same questions over and over again. It will also enable the customer to sit comfortably in front of the computer and release objections prior to the purchase.

#6 - Testimony videos

Customers show a higher chance of making a purchase, after hearing and seeing others (especially those similar to them) who have done so. This is called the "Social Pressure effect". Present real testimonies of real people and let them tell their stories. Let them have their picture taken at home or in their natural environment - and explain how the product or service has changed their lives.

#7 - HOW TO videos

30% of people are looking for How to YouTube videos, a percentage that is growing every year. So beyond the tremendous exposure these videos get in the digital space, another significant value is for existing customers. You will take the opportunity to enhance the experience for your customers and help them understand the product or service more easily. Create short videos that explain the various components of the product or features of the software simply. This is a great opportunity to emphasize (elegantly) the unique value of your product and the strengths against the competition. You will also significantly reduce the amount of phone calls and support questions that would usually come in a short space of time. The final advantage of How To Videos, is the component of building trust. 73% of consumers tend to make a purchase after watching How To Videos that explain the product or service - and we certainly will not object to that.

#8 - Videos of Updates and Best Wishes

One way to keep your customers close is to keep in touch with them. The most basic need of people (after security and physiological needs) - is their need for belonging. We choose brands not only because of their functional usefulness, but also to build or strengthen our identity and belonging to them and their values. One way to create a sense of belonging among our customers, is to use their email addresses and keep in touch with them - send them personal videos relevant to them and their features, for birthdays, holidays, or important things that happen and are relevant to them. In fact, share with them anything else that will allow them to feel "close" and strengthen their sense of belonging to the community.


This is no longer just a cliché. Our customers are inundated with an endless amount of information. In order to reach beyond the noise - be sure to produce accurate, short, concise, inspiring and action-packed content.


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