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​Hundreds of Snippets
from your video content.
One click away!

​Upload your video content, automatically generate snippets & review a supply of on-brand videos for social media in minutes!

Meet Peech AI

Trusted by unstoppable companies like:


The Smartest Way to Repurpose Video Content

Powerful AI-generated branded snippets from your video content for your marketing strategy, ensuring you always have a supply to choose from - across all aspect ratios and languages.


Time is money, and Peech's got your back

We built Peech AI so that you have more time to plan your marketing strategy without worrying about execution.

Achieve more with just the press of a button.

An AI Video Editor for Marketing Experts

Harness the power of AI—simply tell Peech what you want, and it will be created from your video content.


Whether it's a 30-second teaser for social media, an interview highlight, or a catchy testimonial, Peech is already working on it for you.


Stand Out with Professional Brand Presence

PeechAI generates branded snippets from your video content with fully customizable visual layouts for any marketing goal or channel you have in mind.


Kristi Tutt
Digital Marketing Specialist, Folloze

"I used to dread editing videos post webinars due to the time-consuming process, and they began to appear repetitive after a while. Peech has revitalized our small yet powerful marketing team, allowing us to consistently generate content, while Peech effortlessly takes care of the rest! The added bonus of diverse branding and visual options has truly elevated our experience."


Milena Farber
Social Media Manager, Namogoo

"Peech is like our video sidekick. With its smart subtitles and funky music choices, we're pumping out awesome videos in minutes, giving our design team a breather. It's basically our secret weapon for hassle-free video magic!"

Prashanth S Shankara.jpg

Prashanth S Shankara
Senior Marketing Manager, Salad

"Peech AI delivered a good video case study in under 30 mins - start to finish. This would have taken a day or two usually - spending hours editing the original video. Really a must-have for marketers."


Created by AI, fueled by expertise!

PeechAI generates on-brand snippets from your content that elevate your marketing execution to new heights in minutes! Each video includes professional visual elements to emphasize key messages and increase brand awareness.

Complete Control and Flexibility

Easily edit visual elements, replace music, and adjust colors and positions with our powerful visual editor. You have creative freedom to make changes in the content editing, ensuring the video meets your expectations.

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