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Custom Visual Style

Your brand consistency is fully controlled by calibrating the Peech machine with your in-house design elements

Custom Visual Style Examples


PensionBee is a fintech company that simplifies pension management and planning for individuals. Their brand focuses on transparency, simplicity, and empowerment, enabling customers to take control of their financial future.


Data Rails is a tech company that revolutionizes data management and collaboration. Their brand values include innovation, efficiency, and reliability, providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline data processes and empower informed decisions.


Hyro is an AI-powered conversational platform that prioritizes personalized interactions and improved customer experiences. With a strong emphasis on innovation, simplicity, and empathy, their user-friendly technology aims to meet customer needs.


Lokalise is a platform that simplifies content localization and translation. They prioritize user-friendliness, collaboration, and excellent customer support. Their goal is to deliver high-quality translations that support international expansion for businesses.


Hibob is a top HRIS platform that focuses on transparency, innovation, and collaboration. They offer a user-friendly solution to simplify HR processes and promote a positive and inclusive company culture.


Coro offers contact center solutions that prioritize exceptional customer experiences and positive interactions. Their brand values focus on innovation, collaboration, and reliable, scalable solutions to drive success in customer engagement.


Miss Jones' visual language values creativity, authenticity, and inclusivity, resulting in visually appealing and trend-setting designs that make a lasting impact. They prioritize modernity, boldness, and originality in their brand values.

Custom Visual Examples

Kaltura is a pioneering video technology company dedicated to enhancing digital experiences and enabling seamless video communication across industries. Their values underscore innovation, inclusivity, and robust, adaptable solutions to elevate engagement and achieve transformative results in the realm of video technology.


Cardumen Capital is a forward-thinking investment firm dedicated to cultivating growth and fostering strategic opportunities. Their values revolve around agility, collaboration, and sustainable partnerships, driving impactful results in the world of investments.


Harman embodies HR solutions that elevate employee experiences and foster positive workplace interactions. Their values center around innovation, collaboration, and dependable, scalable offerings, driving excellence in human resources management.


CMI embodies marketing solutions that elevate brands through exceptional strategies and positive audience interactions. Their values are centered on innovation, collaboration, and delivering reliable, scalable solutions to fuel unparalleled success in customer engagement.


TikTok embodies a social platform that celebrates creativity and joyful connections. Their brand values revolve around creativity, authenticity, and community, fostering a space where users can freely express themselves and connect with others in meaningful and engaging ways.

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